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Mr.Smith, the mysterious millionaire

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No one knows who Mr. Smith is. This mystery man was met by Forbes when he earned over $25 million in venture benefits. Mr. Smith has visited Singapore, New York City, Las Vegas, Monaco, Moscow, etc and you can be certain that he flies with every available amenity and remains in 5-star suites. 

Mr. Smith worked at a Silicon Valley tech organization when he bought $3,000 worth of Bitcoin in October 2010. "I had no clue about the amount to contribute, yet I was getting paid very well at that point, so I settled on $3,000." Because Bitcoin was worth just $0.15 a piece at that point, his underlying venture gave him around 20,000 Bitcoins. 

From the very beginning, Mr. Smith realized that he was playing the long game, choosing to see exactly how high Bitcoin could go. For the following three years, he holded his venture, often checking how Bitcoin is performing. When Bitcoin hit $800, Mr. Smith realized that it wouldn't be insightful to stand by any more. 

He liquidated out $2.3 million, quit his job, and began another life. We realize that Mr. Smith's story is at any cost partially true because, he showed Forbes benefactor Jordan Bishop a Bitcoin wallet with a parity of 1,000.00 BTC, which was worth $2.6 million at the hour of the Forbes meet.