Cryptocurrencies . 16 Feb 2022

Meet MidiPunks, the punk with a music

by Blockonomist Editorial
Meet MidiPunks, the punk with a music
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The Larva Labs punks are one of the pioneers in the NFT industry with their prices still trading around a million dollars. They revolutionized the visual art NFT industry. But the NFT industry is not just limited to visual art (or) drawings. They also represent a wider range of other collectables including music, sports, trading cards etc., 

Midipunks is a hybrid of visual punk & the music embedded in them. You can treat them as pfp or a music NFT, the first of its kind.

MidiPunks is a collection of Non-Fungible tokens(NFTs) in the form of digital artwork stored on the blockchain. MidiPunks NFTs were sold three times in the past seven days with a total trading volume of $1.31k. On average, the price of one MidiPunks NFT was $437.3. Currently, there are only 100 different MidiPunks available on Gen 0, with around 48 owners.  Each Punk is made of midi notes as pixels. Based on midi notes and samples, each Punk plays a different tune.

This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs. Only MidiPunks in Gen 0 will have a yellow timeline bar / midi box highlight. In the past ten days, MidiPunks has sold 
three NFTs with a trading volume of $1312; the average price has gone up to $437. MidiPunks has a floor price of 0.129 ETH on the OpenSea marketplace as of 16 FEB 2022.

Music NFTs

Music NFTs are one of the highest growing markets in the entire NFT industry with people showing a lot of interest in them. What MidiPunks have created is one of the greatest innovation of the current time. The collection is a kind of beta for all the NFT projects out there to bring in more utility for their NFTs rather than just being a profile picture image.

According to dune analytics, there are approximately just 1200 Music NFT collectors showing how early we're still in this market.

The articles is not a paid press release or an investment advise. NFTs are subjected to high market risk. Please consult your financial advisor before involving yourself in such assets.